Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gary Canter's resume outline

This resume is not formatted properly. We'll talk about formatting in class.

COLLEGE RESUME TEMPLATE (to include with every college application, to give to your g.c. and to those you're asking for a recommendation, "pen pal letters", college reps and interviewers when you meet them, potential internships & job shadows, scholarship and summer program applications, etc.)

Date Of Birth
School Name                                   
Phone (guidance office)
Guidance Counselor's name

(Intro of a brief personal statement, such as:)

"I am a junior who attends _____________ H.S. graduating in June of 2012...", (mention your major academic interests; majors you are considering; anything else you want to mention in two to four sentences)

Junior Classes: (mid-term grade)            Anticipated Senior Classes
Honors Algebra II (87)                    Pre-Calculus
English 11  (92)                        AP English
Honors Chemistry (85)                    Anatomy and Physiology
AP American History (90)                Government
Holocaust (spring)                    Journalism
Spanish III (88)                        Spanish IV

(after your junior year ends reverse the above list, so that Senior Classes appears in the left hand column and junior classes on the right.

Grades: GPA    SATs (when taken and scores, and when you plan to retake them)
        SAT IIs, ACTs
        Rank in Class
(list what you want to list - if your GPA and test scores are lackluster, leave them out. This is YOUR resume, to do with as you wish!)

Activities: List your significant school and non-school activities. Be sure to include things which have been meaningful to you and that you want the colleges to know about. List in the order of importance to you, and write a brief description (annotation - one to four sentences) for your top two or three activities).

Employment: List work experience from most recent to earliest, titles and brief job description for each, period of employment, name of immediate supervisor. Annotate the major/most significant jobs you've had.

Sports: List teams, years participated, titles and leadership awards, etc. Annotate those which are of greatest importance to you.

Other things: Such as a reading list of recent books which have had an impact on you over the past few years, significant travel, academic courses taken elsewhere, etc.

References: Either list three or four persons and phone numbers who have given you permission to include as a reference; or you can write: "Excellent references provided on request."

Can you think of another category or two to include? It's fine to go to a second or even a third page - print this resume on resume paper, front to back...

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