Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gary Canter's "Pen Pal" letter template

EXAMPLE OF PEN PAL LETTER - (could be adapted to send to a criminology, poly sci or pre-law professor, or a field hockey coach)

                                        Joe Beets                                                242 Danforth Street                                            Portland, Maine  04102
                                        DOB:  8/18/83
Caryl Rivers
Boston University
640 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts  02215

Dear Professor Rivers,

My name is Joe Beets and I live in Portland, Maine. I am in my senior year at Portland High School and I'm in the process of applying to colleges. Boston University is one of my top choices.

I've enclosed a brief resume and a copy of my transcript. (if appropriate, add "and a fact sheet about myself").  I've also asked my high school English teacher, Mr/Ms _______ (or  another teacher, or field hockey coach, etc) to send a letter of support on my behalf, which you will receive in the near future.  I'm very interested in studying communications at Boston University, and in becoming involved with the journalism program.

Say two or three sentences about your interest in communications/journalism. Where it came from, what experiences you have had, etc.

The purpose of this letter, besides introducing myself to you, is to request that you send me information about B.U.'s journalism program.  I'd also like to ask your opinion of whether you think I'd be a good addition to the journalism program? Finally, because I'm aware of how difficult it is to gain entry, I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions you may have for me to increase my chances of being accepted to Boston University (I already know about and am working on keeping my grades high!)

I'm hoping to visit B.U. this fall. May I call to arrange to meet with you at that time? Perhaps you could suggest a class I may attend, or forward me the name and phone/email of one of your students whom I may correspond with.

Thank you very much for your time and your consideration.


Joe Beets

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